Sub-Saharan Africa Consortium for Advanced Biostatistics training

SSACAB will train 15 PhD students. The PhD topics will be biostatistical in nature, and revolve around methodological development and novel application of statistical methods to research problems, computational data analysis, presentation and interpretation of statistical results. The PhD topic will be suggested by a local supervisor from an academic institution, along with a research leader from the project, and in collaboration with a supervisor from one of the Northern partners. Students will apply for scholarships, and those that are successful will be registered at the institution of the lead supervisor. Qualified biostatisticians employed in any of the partner institutions will be eligible to apply for the PhD fellowships. A PhD student can be enrolled at any partner institution with supervisory capacity. Each student shall have two local supervisors (at least one institutional-based and a regional-based) and a supervisor from a northern partner institution, forming an advisory panel for the student. All PhD students shall attend structured advanced biostatistics seminars. In addition, transferable skills are also essential for biostatistics research development and strengthening.

PhD research

University of Malawi

Further details on the University of Malawi PhD programme can be found here:

Or you can contact the team at

Other PhD research programmes

Further details about programmes at other collaborating partner institutions will be added soon.

PhD supervision

Further details will be added soon.

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